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Location-Based Services Policy

The Location-Based Services Policy defines the rights, obligations and responsibilities of LOLOL and users who have agreed to the terms and conditions when using the location-based services provided including, but not limited to our website and mobile applications. By accessing and using our services, you acknowledge, agree and where required, consent to the terms and conditions of this policy. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not proceed further to use or access our website and applications.

  1. 1.0Usage and Change

    These terms and conditions will take effect once you have requested our services or the provided information through a registration process of LOLOL. We reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions when deemed necessary and we may or may not notify you of the changes. In the situation where we have notified you of the changes and revisions, you are deemed to have agreed to the latest terms and conditions as continued use is deemed approval of the changes. You may cease to access our services, website and/or application when you do not agree with the revisions.

  2. 2.0Collection of Location Information

    LOLOL will only collect, use and share real-time information that personally identifies you and your location, if and only if, you have consented to the information. You can always disable the information by changing the location settings on your mobile device. However, bear in mind that your ability to use certain features will be limited. We collect this information exclusively to carry out location-based services offered on our website and mobile applications and to provide you with the information based on your location. For example, by using GPS technology, we can determine your current location to display geographically targeted search engine results such as nearby local restaurants or to check-in to a restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

  3. 3.0Sharing of Location Information

    LOLOL will not share or provide your location information to other users or third parties without your consent. However, we may choose to disclose the information provided and collected in several situations such as when requested by the laws and regulations in compliance with a subpoena or similar legal process. Moreover, upon request by investigative agencies to conduct an investigation in accordance with defined procedures and methods or when we provide a service that is provided by third-party, we must notify you of the recipient information as well as the reason behind providing the information in advance and receive your consent. In the case of LOLOL being merged, acquitted or sold, we will send an email notification to you or provide notice via our website of the change in ownership and policies.

  4. 4.0Termination of Service

    You can stop the collection of information from our website and mobile applications at your own discretion by ceasing the usage of our services and uninstalling the application. You may use the standard uninstall process that is available as part of your mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace or network.

    If we discover that you have been involved with any unscrupulous forms of subscription to our service, we will terminate your account. These are including the subscription under a false identity or failure to provide necessary information, submission of incorrect information as well as the failure to comply with our terms and conditions.

  5. 5.0Retention and Management of Location Information

    LOLOL will retain your Personal Information for the duration necessary to fulfill the foregoing purposes and until you delete your LOLOL account. We will retain the data that you have provided to us during your usage of the application and a reasonable period thereafter. Upon termination of your account by yourself, we will retain all information for a reasonable period of time to fulfil the above-mentioned purposes or in compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, statute of limitations and/ or corporate policies which are typically not more than 6 months.

    You may also withdraw any or all consents to allow us to use personal location information and/or provide location information to third-party at any time. When this happens, we will destroy the collected personal location information and the data confirming of the use and provision of location information. If you want your provided data to be deleted, you may contact us through our customer service and we will respond aptly.

    If you want to temporarily halt the collection, use and/or provision of your personal location information, you may do so at any time. We are not allowed to refuse your requests and hence are required to have technical measures for temporary suspension.

  6. 6.0Users below age of 18

    For children aged below 18, you must gain your parent or legal guardian’s approval by providing location-based services information to them. We do not use the application to knowingly solicit data from or market to you. If a parent or guardian is aware of his or her child has provided us with information without his/her consent, he or she may contact us. We will delete the information from our database aptly.

  7. 7.0Security

    We prioritise the safeguarding and confidentiality of your information. To protect the information that we have processed and maintained, we provide electronic and procedural safeguards. The access to information is limited to only authorised personnel who operate, develop or update our website and mobile applications. However, please keep in mind that no security system is impenetrable.